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Launch Masterclass Schedule

Lesson #1
How to Launch

Fri, Nov 5th - 4PM ET

Lesson #2
Your Launch Path

Sat, Nov 6th - 4PM ET

Lesson #3
Making the Sale

Sun, Nov 7th - 4PM ET

Lesson #4
Product Launch Blueprint

Tues, Nov 9th - 4PM ET
NOTE: The lessons listed above are just the start - we have action guide downloads, Case Studies from real people, Q&A sessions, a private FB group with my coaches answering your questions… and more. But all this is only available for a short time (it closes down on November 12th)... so be sure to check it out now before it all comes down.

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You’ll get FREE PDF downloads, resources, and Case Studies to help you get launched fast
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Last year I gave away so much value that my Launch Masterclass students asked if they could pay me for the recordings (the answer was “no”... that’s why you need to show up this week!)
Did I mention there’s absolutely no charge? Just enter your best email address - there’s no credit card required to join
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Alison G Saunders

I just wish I had found you before I spent a fortune on other, no so good, marketing courses. Everything I have seen over these past lessons is GOLD, thank you so much.

Alison Leach

This was so worth it, the whole thing has been packed with inspiration and energy and I am now buzzing about the first step. Thank you all!

Heather Westley Campbell

These stories are so inspiring! I'm getting ready to seed launch and am feeling so motivated... what perfect timing.

I love the PLF community... thank you so much, Jeff Walker and team!

Oscar Martin

Thanks for the Blueprint, Jeff. These materials and videos are so valuable, it's shocking to see it go for free.

This is by far the most valuable program for entrepreneurs I've seen all my life.
Thank you

Victoria Medina

Watching your Masterclass has completely reignited me. I had those negative voices inside. Watching you and your clients share their stories has assisted me in just being me and to just put one foot in front of the other and move forward. I am so thrilled.

Steffi Teetz

This is such an amazing experience... Just by being here you have answered so many questions I had already & this is only the 2nd PLC!! I totally get what you meant in the first PLC, 'cause I think it now myself: If this guy has sooo much to give in his lead magnets, oh boy how much value will I receive when signing up for his full program? This is like hands-on training :). Awesome! Thank you!

Sandra Zimmer

Hello Jeff and All you Masterclass attendees! Jeff, your PLF is the exact information I have been waiting for! Your formula makes the most sense of any online marketing program I have ever seen.

For 30 years I have been teaching professionals to transform public speaking anxiety and develop an authentic style of speaking. I've now produced a 21-video training program with accompanying workbook sessions. But I had no understanding of how to market. My partner and I have been fumbling for over a year on how to market.

Recently, I just put it out to the Infinite Creator to show us how. And here you are! Thank you. You are truly the answer to a prayer. I am jazzed by lesson 1. Sandra Zimmer

Jeff Nesthus

I discovered your Masterclass last year through Eben Pagan's email list and even though I had no idea what business I could create, I committed to watching it.

That decision launched so much personal success in my life and help me realize that I had to confront some deeply rooted personal issues that were holding me back from really succeeding at anything in life. And that process of personal growth became an idea for a product which I am now developing and testing.

I got very nostalgic as well when I saw you were running the course again this year.

It's been an incredibly challenging year, but going through it, I have emerged on the other side feeling compelled to succeed as an entrepreneur and make an impact in people's lives.

Thank you Jeff for your stories and case studies and life-changing content you provided in last year's Masterclass.

You planted the seed that I had a universe of value to offer the world and I owed it to myself and to the world to believe that myself. Looking very much forward to this year's class and connecting with so many wonderful people and stories.